Who Are We

Applebox is a simple device/platform which is much needed on film set to
" provide support " so as to achieve the illusion of a desire height.

17 years in the industry and if there is one thing we haven’t changed since day one is our passion to support you and make your imaginations become reality.

Welcome to the world of Applebox where dreams, inspirations, wonders and curiosity visit to grow and develop. Appleboxers have dedicated themselves to supporting our partners, agencies and clients so that there are no limits in expressing creativity; in Applebox there is always an answer or a solution.

 Take a tour around Applebox and you will see that it’s always sunny here; it never stops moving and working because our clients and partners deserve only the best. Meeting expectations alone is not enough for the groundbreaking work we want to share with the world.

 Shoots are fun and exciting in Applebox; come take a break and enjoy the adventures of production with us, we will take care of the rest!