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Sebastian Lopez - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, India and Pakistan

Argentinean director Sebastian Lopez was practically born with a video camera in his hand. He started directing music videos and home-grown short films as a teenager and has not stopped since. Over the past decade, he has become a top visionary auteur within the South American filmmaking community.

His highly-stylized shooting techniques and distinctive visual aesthetics have made him one of Argentina’s most sought-after directors in high-end commercials and music videos. Seba has directed commercials and campaigns for some of the industry’s top brands including spots for Coors Light, Sedal, Novo Clear, Motorola, Knorr, Camel, Kraft and Kotex.

Additionally, Seba’s unique and stylized vision for his work in the music video space has led to comparisons of early David Fincher. He’s directed videos for popular alternative bands and artists such as Kilian, Infected Mushroom, Meladona, Apparet, Gas-Lab, Carajo, Colin Devlin and the B.A Sisters. Seba’s work stands out as a distinct brand of visual storytelling that utilizes the full technological potential of the cinematic medium. There is a univocal common thread within his style of filmmaking that has distinguished his body of work, and branded it distinctly Sebian.

Filmmaking and storytelling is so intrinsic to Seba’s DNA that he’s also conceived and directed critically-acclaimed short films that have garnered him tremendous praise within the online community including his short film, THE KILLING JOKE, which was selected as one of the top ten short films of 2012 by the popular film website Film Seba’s meticulous attention to tone, camera movement, music, sound design, and his aptitude for seamless and stellar VFX have branded his style of narrative filmmaking as some of the most innovative and dynamic work coming out of South America today.

Currently, Seba is in post-production on his most recent narrative short film, FIRST MAN, a sci-fi thriller about an immortal man who is grappling with his eternal existence and desperately trying to join his deceased daughter in the afterlife.

Sebastian Lopez
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