Film Director

Saevar Gudmundsson

Born in Iceland 1972. Started as a writer/director of four 30 minutes films, that gained massive success and attention in Iceland.

At the age of 25 he started editing TV-commercials.  Few years later he started directing ads himself.  Along side he directed couple of documentaries for TV.  Amongst them are big series on aviation and another on factual crime stories.

Among fiction direction Saevar has directed the kid show Lazy Town for international market.  For Icelandic TV stations he directed the first season of the comedy cult show “Venni Power” (Venni Páer).  The popular series “The Girls” (Stelpurnar) and now he is directing his second season of “Court” (Réttur), Iceland’s first lawyers’ drama.

Specialty: Lifestyle, Children, Comedy, Automotive, Animation, FX, Spot.

Awards and Nominations:

“Icelandic Crime”  -  EDDAN Award 1999 for Best Documentary Series (Editor)

“Eimskip”  -  IMARK Award 1997 for Best Commercial (Editor & Visual Effects)

“Homeblest”  -  IMARK 2000 for Best Commercial (Editor)

Saevar Gudmundsson
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