Film Director

Eric Coignoux

Eric Coignoux began his career working in various sectors of the commercial production industry including animated short films and commercials, TV graphics and FX.

In 1995 he began directing commercials mainly in England and France for different clients including Electrolux, Hooch Lemon, Citroen, Hewlett Packard and Renault. As of 2001 he has expanded his reach all over Europe, North America and Asia for high-profile clients as Sony Playstation, Nissan, Carlsberg and Sprite.

Eric Coignoux has done TVCS of various genres including Lifestyle, Comedy, Automotive, Animation, FX and Spot.

Awards & Nominations:

  •    Clio’s
  •    D&ad
  •    Creative Circle
  •    Leaf
  •    Montreux
  •    Imagina
  •    Ars Electronica
  •    Siggraph
  •    Holland Animation
  •    Hiroshima
  •    Stuttgart
  •    Wro
  •    Herouville Saint-Clair
Eric Coignoux
  • Sprite POV "Fresh Thinking"

  • Volvic

  • CIEL

  • Laitiers "Milk"

  • Citroen "Picasso"

  • Hollywood "Chewing Gum"

  • Nissan "Factory"

  • Vittel "Apartment"

  • Philips "Sleeping Beauty"

  • Pepsi "Sting"

  • Harry's "Airbag"

  • Ecoemballage "Bear"

  • Sprite "Super Splash"

  • GAZ de FRANCE "Birth"